“WE are St. Thomas!”

We are a generous, committed, caring, diverse group of people who are warmly attached to our church and to living out God’s love in our world.

We share the core values that we all are loved. We all are accepted by God and by our church community, regardless of our skin color, our gender, our sexual orientation, our personal baggage or our social status – We all are God’s children.

And we want our parish to thrive so we can spread this good news.

St.Thomas Episcopal Church is more than a hundred years old. It is a historic church, with deep roots in civil rights activism in our neighborhood, Park Hill, in Denver. We are a strong, diverse, loving community. The gray heads of people, some of whom have been here for more than 40 years, are mixed with children, tweens, teens…young couples (of all descriptions!) with and without children, singles, multi-generational families.

You are welcome here wherever your faith journey is taking you.  We aren’t doctrinaire, and we aren’t judgmental. We are a genuinely open church. Communion is available to all.

People of all abilities fit in here…we have cutouts in pews to make convenient spaces for wheelchairs. You may see a wheelchair and service dog in the choir or in a nearby pew.

Social justice is part of our DNA. We are racially mixed, including many interracial couples and multiracial families. We have fought hard for inclusion of LGBTQ people within the Episcopal church and the rest of society. We are aware of white privilege and try to reduce its impact on each of our lives. We believe black lives matter. We try to talk about the hard things, including racism, privilege, tough ethical choices, and responsibility.

We laugh and relax together, sharing pieces of our lives, struggles, joys, and challenges. We are a pastoral church…we take loving care of each other, and of our neighbors, and bits of the wider world.

We do love our music…hymns, anthems, spirituals, piano, organ, brass and drums and strings. International music, plainsong, African American hymns and gospel…we love to sing. We’ve had wonderful theatre here, and look forward to doing more.

We are a part of the Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, under the direction and guidance of our bishop, the Rt. Rev. Kym Lucas. The Diocese of Colorado is one of 109 dioceses of The Episcopal Church, which is located in the United States and 16 other nations. It is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Come try us out…we’d love to get to know you.