St. Thomas Legacy Society

A Legacy is the most personal of gifts that we bequeath to those coming after us. No doubt, each of us will leave a legacy; how that legacy looks is closely tied to the paths travelled and choices made during our lifetime. The values and part of our life that we cherish are preserved and transmitted to others through our legacy.

We are asking members to consider St. Thomas in their Planned Giving. We would like to be able to leave a spiritual community of faith and assure St. Thomas’s history for our children, our grandchildren and all parishioners.  

The process is very simple and straightforward.  Simply complete the Legacy Enrollment Form and submit via mail or offering plate. The request is typically indicated through your estate planning via your will, life insurance policy, IRA annuity or other related legal or financial instrument.  Submit your form today and please communicate your request through your attorney, financial advisor or executor of your estate.

Additionally, if you want to make a financial contribution today to the Legacy Society, please contact the church office.