Emery Library

The John W. Emery Memorial Library houses a collection of some 2000 books  for all ages — fiction and non-fiction — that enhance our educational and spiritual growth programs.

The two rooms were renovated for library purposes in 1980 after the sudden and unexpected death of then Senior Warden John Emery. Family and friends donated funds and professional skills to enable its creation .The theme reflects the Southwest Mission architecture of St. Thomas Church with furnishings from the original church building and wood from the old pews used for the woodwork.

The East room shelves include Bible Study, Church History, Theology, Ethics and Fiction. The West Room Features a delightful nook for children and young adults as well as books on prayer, personal growth, and biography.

The library’s serene ambiance encourages browsing, reading, and reflection. All items except those in the Reference section are available free for check-out by parishioners and friends of St. Thomas. The library is located on the second floor of the office building and overlooks the patio. It is open Sundays and weekdays during office hours. Please sign the Check-Out Book by the entrance when you borrow a book. Return or renew books in three weeks.

The Library Committee has oversight of the John Emery Memorial Library. They meet every other month to plan work groups to carry on the year round tasks of maintaining a parish library — processing new books, shelving returns, overdue reminders, evaluating donations, and getting every item on the computer. Each month a committee member writes an article for the Library Corner in Bold Living.

For more information, contact Carol Donahoe, carolcd@q.com