Rector Search

We are currently looking for a new Rector for our Parish. You can find information about where we are in the process as well as what’s coming up next here.

A mailbox labeled “Search Committee” is in the hallway leading from the Great Hall to the Office. Use it, or, if you prefer email either Scott Bates ( or Vicki Earnest (, the committee chairs. Other committee members are Barbara Medina, Mark Beckwith, Tana Knopf, George Smith and Erica Pomerenk.

July 2016

The Rector Search Committee WANTS YOU 


The Holy Conversations have concluded.  Some of you have not participated and the Search Committee wants your input.    All of the Conversations began with reading the St. Thomas Mission Statement as it appears each Sunday on the service leaflet and on the website:


Boldly living with Christ,

we open doors to God’s household of love as we welcome and embrace all people

through worship, service, and learning within and beyond our walls.


All are Welcome!

Here are the questions posed during the Conversations:

1.     What do you like about the St. Thomas mission statement, and why?

2.     What challenges face our parish?

3.     What are your hopes for the future of our faith community?

If you participated in a Holy Conversation and have further thoughts or ideas, the Committee wants to hear from you.   If not,  please read the Mission Statement and carefully consider your answers to these questions; record your answers and send to the Search Committee by our email address: or by letter to St. Thomas addressed to the Search Committee.

Thanks for your participation.  Our search for a new rector is our collective responsibility, and any thoughts or ideas that you have are important to this process.    

Remember the committee in your prayers.


Vicki Earnest and Scott Bates named co-chairs for Search Committee

March 1, 2016

Parishioners Vicki Earnest and Scott Bates have been named as co-chairs of the Rector Search Committee. They will submit monthly progress reports to the parish via Bold Living. Our first step on this journey is to prepare a profile of the parish: who we are, what is our history, how do we live and work together, and where do we want to go. The committee will be reaching out to parishioners in various ways to gather this information.

Anyone with ideas or additional information is asked to submit it in writing to the committee. You may do so by emailing Vicki ( or Scott ( or placing it in the committee’s mailbox in the hall near the parish office.

This is a holy and daunting assignment, and we ask your prayers as we all embark on this journey together.

Search for a new rector: Here’s what happens next

By Christine Nelson, Senior Warden  November 5, 2015

I wanted to provide an update on our search for a new rector.

We will welcome Canon Lou Blanchard at Masses this weekend. Canon Lou will also host a community conversation between Masses, to help us understand next steps in the search process. Lou has already been a terrific partner in the search process! Moving forward, I wanted to share a bit about what we are doing to prepare for the search. First, we will begin meetings next week to talk with potential interim leaders. In an ideal world,we will find an interim who might start before the end of the year. While we are pursuing an interim, our search committee will be forming to do some early work, including the creation of a profile for the role. I am thrilled to share the names of the Search Committee members that will be presented to the Vestry at the next meeting, November 16th. The slate includes: Scott Bates, Vicki Earnest, Barbara Harrison, Tana Knopf, Barbara Medina, Erica Pomerenk, and George Smith. We believe this is a very balanced, experienced and thoughtful team! Once the Search Committee is finalized, they will get to work on identifying candidates and visiting their parishes to see them in action. Their work will last roughly 6-9 months. We are hopeful to have a new leader in place by the fall.

We have been told repeatedly that leadership at St. Thomas is a very desirable role. We truly are a parish in excellent health. We continue to add members, we are on track to meet our budget this year, we have had a strong response (so far!) to our stewardship campaign, and we have strong leadership in a variety of programmatic areas. We are very optimistic that the candidate pool will be strong.

A few of you have asked, so I wanted to deliberately mention that the Rev. Becky Jones, who is such a blessing to our community, will not be considered as an Interim leader.  As you know, Rev. Becky is in her curate year, which means that this is a year of learning and growing. The first year as an ordained priest is challenging, no question.  The great news is that Becky is fully committed to us for that year.

Please let me know if you have any questions going forward.